Outsourced Legal Services For Law Firms and Inhouse Legal Departments

Large law firms and in house legal departments of large enterprises have enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing (quicker turnaround and lower costs) with success for quite some time in the United States.

On the other hand, small and midsize enterprises and law firms have just begun to outsource legal work to enjoy these benefits. This has become possible with a wider availability of technology at a lower cost, in addition to the arrival of a new breed of vendors who are addressing the unique requirements of small and midsized enterprises and law firms.

These vendors are providing services with better quality, by leveraging on technology and through deployment of experts in the work which is outsourced. Lawyers from India are increasingly familiar with US law and have several years of experience in doing legal work for US law firms and in house legal departments of large corporations. It has become possible to deploy experts these days due to aggregation of work from various clients, and the cascading higher volume of work.

The law firms and in house legal departments have enjoyed the benefits of a quicker turnaround time. The work left with the Indian entity at the end of their day is completed and available when they arrive at work the next day. These have become as important as the other core reason for outsourcing, namely saving of costs – law firms and enterprises have been able to save between 50 -60% of their cost by outsourcing legal services.

What work can be outsourced?

Any work that can be done without requiring fact to face interaction with clients or physical presence in a court of law can be outsourced. Some of the typical examples of work outsourced are in:

a) Contracts: Drafting, Review and management
b) Litigation Support : Discovery management, review, analysis and coding and Presentation
c) IP Rights: Search, Application for patents and defence
d) Legal and Business research

a) Contracts – Drafting, Review and Management

We prepare first-cut drafts of contracts that are fit for purpose and conform to your house style. You need to provide:
o Standard templates that conform to your house style and
o Unique variables relating to each contract

Your lawyers would still be in control over the quality of the draft and enforceability in courts of law without having to log expensive time in preparing the first cut draft.

We can handle a wide variety of contracts including contracts for:
o Sale of securities and derivatives
o Sale of goods or services
o Sale or mortgage of property
o Lease of property
o Lease of equipments
o Employment etc

We manage your contracts by maintaining a comprehensive database of all your contracts that provide:
o Contract information (Purpose, Period, Entities, Addresses, Counsel, Validity, Termination rights, Applicable law, Jurisdiction etc
o Summary of terms
o History of notices

We maintain a summary of all obligations and covenants (to facilitate compliance) and all rights (to enforce compliance)

b) Litigation Support

Our litigation support services include:
o Discovery management,
o Review
o Analysis and coding and
o Presentation

To help your lawyers focus on successfully winning or defending cases.

We help your lawyers to stay focused on winning the case by providing discovery management support.
Our services include:

o Understanding case issues and priorities
o Determination of collecting strategy
o Determination of work processes to speed up and yet not miss out on collecting documents
o Quick focus on most useful documents by continuous elimination of irrelevant items
o Quick analysis of documents for materiality, relevance, confidentiality and privilege; rapid automated
codification and validation
o Quick production of documents to facilitate rapid internalization and access

We can work with your proprietary document discovery management system or any standard off-the-shelf solution including ConcordanceFYI and CaseLogistix.

In spite of increasing popularity of e-discovery, physical paperwork has continued to stay. We help your lawyers by reviewing physical paper documents and codifying them for rapid prioritization and access.

We measure our success by reducing your attorney’s document review time and cost. Not just by being more competitive than other providers in discovery process.

c) IP Rights

Our lawyers (supported by domain professionals) can support you in -

o Prior Art Search,
o Assessment of patentability,
o Patent proofing,
o Invention disclosure evaluation and
o Drafting the application for patents.

We offer support in IP Asset management with review of potential or existing infringements and in litigations to protect against such infringements.

d) Legal and Business Research

We conduct research on industry standard private databases as well as public domain databases to provide research support to your team of lawyers to win/defend litigation or to provide counsel to clients on complex issues.
Our research support includes:

o Reviewing legislation
o Reviewing case law precedence
o Reviewing journals
o Reviewing contracts and
o Preparing summaries and abstracts.

Where to outsource?

Law firms and in house legal departments typically outsource legal work to someone who is willing to understand their requirements, and give quality service that they require.

Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs in Texas – A Logical Next Step For an RN?

If you’re an experienced RN looking for a career change, why not consider becoming a legal nurse consultant? This exciting and challenging career will allow you to use your well-honed medical skills to help attorneys interpret medical records and other medical information as it relates to lawsuits and other legal matters. A successful legal nurse consultant (LNC) skillfully combines medical and nursing skills with legal knowledge.

With concentrated, specialized training in personal injury and medical malpractice law, LNCs are valuable assets to attorneys who need expert opinions cases related to these legal categories. Legal Nurse Consultants can consult on everything from simple personal injury cases, like automobile accidents, to complex and high profile cases involving celebrities, major corporations and well-known products and pharmaceuticals.

Legal nurse consulting is a burgeoning field. It’s estimated that about 25% of the nearly 1,000,000 attorneys practicing in the United States handle personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Although highly skilled in legal matters, many attorneys don’t know how to read medical records and charts. In addition, the terminology in these records often requires interpretation or clarification. A legal nurse consultant is a valuable asset to these attorneys, since he or she has a background in case law and the civil litigation process that compliments his or her formal medical training.

Since the services of LNCs are charged on a fee basis, much like attorneys, the field is particularly lucrative. A typical fee of about $20,000 would include the following services provided by a LNC to an attorney:

- Analysis of medical records associated with the case
– Preparation of any necessary trial exhibits
– Preparation of witnesses for both deposition and trial testimony
– Attendance at trial
– Preparation of questions for cross-examination

In Texas, projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that nursing will be the fastest growing occupation over the next five years. Historically, nursing jobs provide long-term stability. The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies estimates that the demand for nurses in the state will grow by 86% while the supply will grow by only 53%. The need for legal nurse consultants is expected to experience similar growth.

The state of Texas has a diverse, vibrant and highly productive economy. While Texas is typically known for oil production, it also is a leader in agriculture, with more farmland than any other state. Texas ranks second in overall cost of living in the United States and is a leader in high tech and manufacturing jobs. The job outlook for Legal Nurse Consultants in Texas is expected to remain positive for many years to come.

BS In Paralegal Studies – Legal Technology Online Degree Program

Law is a very complex set of rules and regulations with a lot of technicalities in different matters. To understand law the way it is and to play with the rules and regulation as per given scenarios is a great art. This art needs to be learnt and without learning law the right way it really becomes very hard to understand the twists and turns of this difficult path. People go to law attorneys and paralegals because they have the correct understanding and have an ability to provide the solution of any problem from the legal perspective. So it’s very important for people going into the law industry to learn and understand the legal technicalities involved in it to provide the right solution for the problems from a legal point of view. For that matter, many top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges are offering different degree programs concentrating on the legal field. B.S. in Paralegal Studies with emphasis on Legal Technology Online Degree program is one of the degrees offered by many top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges.

B.S. in Paralegal Studies – Legal Technology Online Degree program is a Bachelor of Science degree. The coursework comprises of different compulsory courses regarding law, legal technicalities, legal issues and their solutions etc. The concentration of Legal Technology in this degree program is to make sure that the law industry keeps up well with the rapidly growing field of technology in communication. If you choose to go for B.S. in Paralegal Studies – Legal Technology Online degree program from any of the top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges then you would learn the key concepts of technology and use of different hardware and software systems in the field of paralegal. You would learn the effective use of technology in your field which will really help you understand different cases in depth very easily and will also act as a great tool in researches. Top Accredited Online universities and top accredited online colleges with their exciting and career-oriented coursework assure maximum success rate.

Course Outline

Some of the courses offered in B.S. in Paralegal Studies emphasizing on Legal Technology Online Degree program are:

· Civil

· College Algebra

· Communication

· Communication

· Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

· Corporate or Business

· Diversity and Culture

· Family

· Humanities

· Immigration

· Introduction to Legal Technology

· Law Office Management

· Legal Ethics

· Practicum in Paralegal Studies

· Real Estate

· Social Science

· Spreadsheet Applications

· Time, Billing, and Records Management

· Trial and Courtroom Presentation

· Wills and Trusts

Employment Stance and Salary Info

After successfully completing B.S. in Paralegal studies – Legal Technology Online Degree Program of top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges you could get employed at any law firms as many law firms are currently looking for paralegals and with a great focus of different organizations toward setting up their own legal departments to handle any law related issues, paralegal are hot in demand. The earning depends on the experience and the level of education. On an average you would be able to earn $32K to $65K a year.